Meet Tiffanyann

Back in 2015, Tiffanyann began to experience dryness and irritation on her scalp.  When it began to interfere with her day-to-day life, she began to research the products and ingredients she was currently using.  Unable to find anything on the market with the transparency and efficacy she was looking for, she took to the kitchen to create her own.  Deep Seeded Roots all began from one single product, a butter that could be used on both the hair and body.


Her evenings were spent measuring and mixing her favorite oils, herbs, and active ingredients to create butters, cleansers, and scrubs.  Nourishing and hydrating, Deep Seeded Roots provides skincare staples that relieve inflammation and irritation for most skin types. 


Deep Seeded Roots uses plant-derived ingredients paired with carefully sourced actives so you can love the benefits of mother nature with the added boost of science!