The Benefits of Glycolic Acid for the Body

The Benefits of Glycolic Acid for the Body

Glycolic acid has exploded in popularity as an ingredient in body care products for its impressive ability to transform lackluster, rough skin into a smoother, glowier version of itself. This alpha hydroxy acid provides a wide range of proven benefits for the body when used properly in your routine.

What Does Glycolic Acid Do? 

Glycolic acid is derived from sugarcane and functions as a highly effective chemical exfoliant for your body’s skin. It works by loosening the glue-like bonds that hold dead, dull skin cells to the surface so they can be whisked away. This process reveals the fresh, radiant new skin cells and skin texture underneath.

In addition to its exfoliating properties, glycolic acid helps stimulate collagen production in the skin for a plumping effect that improves elasticity and firmness. It also increases moisture absorption and retention in the skin for long-lasting hydration.

When used regularly as part of your body care routine, here are some of the remarkable benefits glycolic acid provides:

  • Sloughs away rough, dry, and flaky skin – Leaves skin remarkably smooth

  • Significantly improves skin texture and minimizes bumps from keratosis pilaris or ingrown hairs

  • Helps fade hyperpigmentation and areas of discoloration like knees, elbows, and armpits

  • Provides deep hydration while exfoliating to prevent dryness or irritation

  • Noticeably refines the appearance of pores for an overall evening effect

  • Boosts radiance and supports a healthy, youthful glow

The optimal percentages for glycolic acid body products tend to range from 3-7%. Our AHA Body Moisturizer contains a powerful 7% glycolic acid concentration to deliver these exceptional smoothing, toning, and glow-revealing benefits from neck to toes.

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